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Stephanie Edwards | Subject Matter Expert in Customer Service and Online Resources Development 

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Customer 1st - online,  has recently developed two exciting new self-paced service excellence programmes

with many benefits for organisations today  


•  Your organisation OWNs the programmes

•  First steps towards a customer-centric organisation

•  Self-paced “Service Excellence Programmes” at Professional | Management | Strategic levels

•  Both mapped to occupational standards & cover the knowledge, understanding & skills to become customer service professionals

•  Can be updated onto existing LMS | SCORM and xAPI standard compliant

•  8-10 hours duration modules including activities, learning logs and assessments

•  Can be optimised with webinars, zoom and F2F, used for appraisals 

•  In partnership with the UK`s E-learning Standards Experts providing cutting edge authoring tool

We are subject matter experts in customer service, we write and publish customer service

learning resources to enable businesses and individuals to adopt a customer-centric culture,

thereby improving the customer's experience.

We provide all the development tools - online qualifications, bespoke e-learning modules

and have written best practice guides for Customer Service Managers and Customer

Service Professionals, all the knowledge and skills that organisations and individuals

need to transform service experiences for customers.

Special Offer | New f0r 2021 
Self-paced Service Excellence Programmes 
This year we are offering two new innovative programmes complete with an editing tool that enables YOU to publish to SCORM | xAPI onto your own LMS.
  Reducing development costs dramatically   

New Self Paced Online Programmes

Special price | Service Excellence & Service Management Programmes when purchased together