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The Service Excellence Programme for Customer Service Professionals

What you will gain from this programme:


Learn how to deliver outstanding service for every customer, every time, by taking our exciting online course. You will gain all the knowledge and understanding to become a customer 
service professionals via straightforward modules and assessments. 

Who should take this course?

The Service Excellence Programme for Customer Service Professionals is for everyone who interacts with customers, including internal customers - the colleagues you work with day-to-day. At the same time, 

Today's customers expect to deal with genuine professionals representing organisations that are capable of meeting and exceeding their expectations.

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Learning Content

The course is delivered in seven straightforward learning modules. Each one has activities and assessments to check your understanding. You will maintain a learning log and action plan, enabling you to translate your learning into real, work-based improvements.


1  Basic concept of customer service.
2  Developing relationships with your customers.
3  Features and benefits.
4  Effective communication.
5  Service excellence through teamwork.
6  Delivery systems.
7  The you factor.

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Benefits for individuals


Any time, any place learning - you just need access to the Internet.


  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to become a customer service professional.

  • Apply your learning to improve relationships with customers.

  • Straightforward multiple-choice assessment for each module.


Benefits for businesses

  • Lead and innovate through outstanding customer service.

  • Improve customer loyalty and employee performance.

  • Can be customised to suit business requirements.

  • Interactive and motivational learning.

  • Acquire best practice skills in customer service.

  • Reduce training and development costs.

  • Helps you to meet your organisational service standards.

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Key Features

  • A complete guide for all employees

  • Self-paced online certificate

  • Delivered online for use on all devices

  • Innovative ideas on how to deliver excellence 

  • Plenty of practical work-related activities

  • Self-assessments and knowledge checks

  • Clear definitions of customer service terms

  • Mapped to  National Occupational Standards