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Service Strategy Programme

What you will gain from this course

Providing outstanding experiences for customers is essential for business success. To build a customer-centric culture, an environment must be created in which the organisation's people, processes, resources and technology are deployed in the interests of enhancing customers' experiences.


Learn how to do it by taking our online, tutor-led service strategy course. Culture change does not happen by chance, and an effective customer service strategy is often the missing link.


Once the right strategy is in place, customers' experiences will be dramatically enhanced, delivering bottom-line results. This Service Strategy will help you to deliver the customer-centric culture that your business needs.

Who should take this course?

The Customer Service Strategy is an online programme for all directors and senior managers of organisations that strive to build truly customer-centric service provision.


It delivers the knowledge and understanding you need to develop and implement a customer service strategy for your own business. It's also suitable for anyone who wants to develop their career in service management.

Today's customers expect to deal with genuine professionals representing organisations that are capable of meeting and exceeding their expectations.

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Learning Content

Learning Content

​Each of the six thought-provoking modules includes work-based activities that enable you to develop your customer service strategy as you learn. The course is collaborative while respecting commercial confidentiality. You learn through challenging discussions how to make a difference to your own organisation.



1  Describing a customer-centric organisation.

2  Writing a customer service strategy.

3  Designing a customer-centric organisation.

4  Creating customer advocates.

5  Managing customer experience.

6  Managing customer service performance.

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Benefits for Directors, Senior Managers and Strategists

  • The programme  equips you to lead your organisation to become truly customer-centric

  • Any time, any place learning with just an Internet connection

  • Relevant to your organisation and job role

  • Your work-based assignment focuses on writing and implementing a new customer service strategy for your organisation.

  • Build a customer-focused culture in your teams.

Benefits for businesses


  • Creating a Customer Service culture within your organisation

  • Become a service leader in your sector.

  • Build a deep organisational understanding of service management.

  • Improve customer loyalty, employee retention and organisational performance.

  • Build a platform for transformational change of your business through customer insight.

  • Learn how to measure and enhance customer experience.

  • Lead and innovate your teams to deliver outstanding customer service.

  • Improve customer loyalty and employee performance

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Key Features

Key Features

  • Authoritative knowledge on organisational service strategy.

  • Comprehensive guide to developing your own organisation strategy.

  • Highly relevant work-based assignments.


Creating a Customer-Centric Organise should include:

Top level buy-in  Establish a deep understanding and commitment at the highest level of what a customer centric organisation looks like to a customer.

Customer insight  Base the customer service strategy on customer insight, collected using a range of feedback methods.

Customer service strategy  The organisation needs a clear, realistic plan to build its customer-centric culture.

Customer centric processes  Processes for delivering service are the heart of the business and should be designed around customers.

Customer centricity learning  Individual learning and development will build the customer centric culture.

Reward and recognition  Reward and recognition supports initiatives to improve customer centricity.

Service performance management  Effective performance management enables the organisation to monitor progress towards customer centricity.